Webinar Outline

Assignment 3-3

Workshop Webinar

Richard J Ritterbeck

COMM321 – E1WW (WI13)

Michael Schultz

February 16, 2013



An important topic, and the purpose of this workshop webinar, is the use of social networks.  This is an important topic to understand, both by employees and employers alike.  It can be an effective tool, but must be used correctly in order to reap the full benefits.

The target audience is employees that use the specific networks, the company’s management staff, to understand what the networks are there for and to help regulate the employees uses, in order to ensure proper use by the employees.  Another important target is the marketing staff, Human Resources staff, and others that may be involved with project management and product development.  Rodriguez tells us that social media is a great way to “formulate a marketing campaign that fits your niche”, by doing sweepstakes or giveaways.  (Rodriguez, 2011) Additionally, TheSocialFirm.com tells us that “Organizations can engage their followers through status updates, blogs, videos, photo galleries, promotions and word of mouth marketing.” (2013) These targets cover a broad, diverse expanse of the company, and make this webinar necessary for the entire company to understand its applications and appropriate policies.

This is a two hour webinar, and social media should be well covered over the course of two hours.  All of the target audience will be addressed, and the uses of social media will be well understood.  Questions can be provided via email prior to the webinar, and the webinar will be recorded, in case employees are not available at the time of the webinar.  Follow up questions will be addressed during the webinar, and addressed later by the public relations staff.

Activities for the employees involved will consist of interactive questions prior to the beginning of each section.  Through these questions, a better understanding of current thoughts on social media will be gained.  Additionally, the questions that are submitted prior will help to involve the audience, as they have a specific interest to see if their questions will be addressed.  The current interest in social media will help to drive involvement with the topic, as it is a new, popular, evolving market that many people still have questions about.  Audience involvement is important, steps will be taken to increase involvement, but involvement should be high regardless, because of the topic.


  1. Introduction – (5 mins)
  2. Brief overview of presentation – (5 mins)
  3. Uses of social media for employers – (40 mins, 10 each)
    1. Product research
      1.                                                                  i.     Understand public needs
      2.                                                                ii.     Understand preferences
    2. Product development
      1.                                                                  i.     Design involvement, colors, models, etc.
    3. Customer satisfaction surveys
      1.                                                                  i.     Direct surveys in social media
      2.                                                                ii.     Distribute surveys and link to surveys
    4. Human resouces application
      1.                                                                  i.     Fulfill employment needs
      2.                                                                ii.     Temporary project staffing as well
  4. Uses of social media for employees (40 mins)
    1. Spread public information to friends and family (5 mins)
    2. Support the company (5 mins)
    3. Specific rules for social media (30 mins)
      1.                                                                  i.     Disclose (10 mins)
        1. Be transparent – identify yourself
        2. Be truthful – specify any vested interests
        3. Be yourself – stick to your knowledge base, or use a disclaimer
      2.                                                                ii.     Protect (10 mins)
        1. Don’t tell secrets – only use public information
        2. Don’t slam the competition or the company
        3. Don’t overshare
      3.                                                               iii.     Use Common Sense (10 mins)
        1. Add value – provoke thought
        2. Don’t be incendiary
        3. Own any mistakes
  5. Summary (5 mins)
  6. Questions (20 mins)
  7. Closing statements (5 mins)



Overall, the webinar will be a great way to further employee and employer understanding of social media.  It is an important tool, and the entire company needs to recognize that it has a great amount of usefulness, if used correctly. 

Intel Social Media Guidelines.  (2013).  Intel.com.  Retrieved February 16, 2013 from http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/legal/intel-social-media-guidelines.html

Rodriguez, N.  (August 10, 2011).  Ten Myths About Social Networking For Business.  Forbes.com.  Retrieved February 16, 2013 from http://www.forbes.com/sites/nealrodriguez/2011/08/10/ten-myths-about-social-networking-for-business/

Social Media Marketing.  (2013).  TheSocialFirm.com.  Retrieved February 16, 2013 from http://www.thesocialfirm.com/social/social-media-marketing

Zaremba, A.  (2010).  Organizational Communication.  Oxford University Press, Inc.  ISBN-13: 978-0-19-537904-4.


Assignment 3-3 Workshop webinar example slides


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