Audit Outline

Assignment 5-5

Audit Proposal

Richard J Ritterbeck

COMM321 – E1WW (WI13)

Michael Schultz

February 17, 2013




February 17, 2013


Mr. Robert Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Stone Software Corporation

374 Maple Drive

Suite 100

Dublin, Ohio 43017


Dear Mr. Smith:


In response to your inquiry, I have prepared the following proposal for a communications audit of your corporation.  The audit itself will be a quick and efficient way to improve the culture at Stone.  Through this audit, we look forward to improving the productivity and collaboration of the employees at Stone.


Attached are the details of the communications audit.  We are open to suggestions, but feel this is the best way to proceed.  Please read and let us know when we can proceed.  Thank you in advance for allowing us to help improve your business.



Richard Ritterbeck


A communications audit is fundamental to discovering the root cause of an undesirable culture at an organization.  It is a thorough examination of the organization, looking for issues that cause problems between different departments of the organization, or between vertical tiers of workers, from employees to managers, managers to executives, etc.  This examination will allow upper level management to understand the culture and communication of the organization, enabling smoother operations once the problems are solved.

There are many techniques, such as interviews and surveys, in order to determine where the communication problems are occurring.  Actions can be taken afterwards to correct the communication problems, such as education, additional staff to alleviate communication issues, or reorganization efforts to realign business units.

The communications audit will help evolve the company, making it more fluid in the long term, serving customers better, and increasing productivity.


Outline of events

  • Approval of plan and preparation
    • Approval letter and contract award
    • Meeting with executives
  • Pre-implementation
    • Webcast for employees
      • Discuss plans
      • Provide contacts to submit questions
  • Implementation
    • Early stage implementation
      • Interview key managers
      • Interview a sample of employees
    • Second stage
      • Survey development
      • Survey distribution and webcast to explain importance
      • Survey results and comparisons to interviews
  • Resolution
    • Determine actions with executives
      • Possible actions
        • Reorganization
        • Education
        • Hiring of communication professionals/business writers
    • Implement solutions
      • Communication to executives and employees
  • After action results
    • Select manager interviews
    • Analyze quality of communication problem resolution
    • After action meeting with executives
    • After action webcast for employees


The surveys will be provided to the employees via email link to a database survey.  Automatic results will be available during the survey process, and can be monitored to ensure cooperation from the employees.  The surveys would be completed at the employee’s convenience, and would be completed by management and software engineers alike.

From the interviews, we will customize the surveys, in order to best fit the needs of the corporation.  Possible questions would ask to rate the performance of communication on a scale of 1-5, including communication from managers, company messages, messages from executive staff, messages of written materials posted in break rooms, etc.  Another series of possible questions would involve the communication techniques, such as effectiveness of meetings, emails, person-to-person talks, etc.  A question of how many meetings per week are attended and how long those meetings are would also be beneficial.  The surveys are a vital tool in the communications audit.


Zaremba, A.  (2010).  Organizational Communication.  Oxford University Press, Inc.  ISBN-13: 978-0-19-537904-4.




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